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Dear Keiko,

I have enjoyed listening to your beautiful music for several years now... It has an almost magical quality for me... And, I could go on trying to say how much I enjoy it -- but I really do not have words that can describe your music, nor do I have words to express how much I enjoy it.

I was just listening again to your piano solo "Forever, Forever" on the White Owl DVD... It is one of my favorite songs (and also one of my favorite stories -- I have told several friends about how you came to compose it).

And, I thought of a friend who has been taking piano lessons for several years now and I think that she may be able to play that piece (although certainly not as well as you do). So, I was wondering if there would be any way that I could purchase the sheet music for "Forever, Forever"? I think it would make a very nice gift...

Thank you for your lovely music - George

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Hello Keiko,

I am so glad that my piano tuning has introduced your name to me. Since then, I became one of your fans. Your music has a special taste and I love it so very much. I am a concert pianist and I love to play your music. I always keep your music as a final piece or if the audience ask me to play some more. I always announce your name before I play any of your piece, and always, always I get lots of applause. "Forever, Forever" is my favorite piece. I would like to know the history or the biography of each of your music piece.

I am planning to play "Ever After" (duet) with my son.. I would love to have more sheet of your music, please put more on the Internet and inform me if you are planning to do so.

Keep up the great work. I love you and your music - Ruth

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I just purchased the White Owl combination DVD/ music CD album. I listen to smooth jazz almost exclusively and have over 100 CD's from most of the popular artists currently playing this style of music. Of all these CD's I would only rate two as "EXTRAORDINARY", White Owl is one of them. Every song is excellent. The performances of the musicians are truly inspired and spiritual. If  I were going to be stranded on an island and could only have one album this is the one I would choose from my entire collection.

I have listened to the CD in my car many times already and watched the concert twice. Each time it was like the first. This is a sensational CD. Thanks for producing it. I am looking forward to seeing you in Long Beach on Jan 29th.

Thanks -Royce

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Hello Keiko,

I'm a Venezuelan citizen and big fan of yours. I just wanted to write to you to let you know that even here in this small but beautiful country, your work is truly admired. I found out about your music just for a lucky guess. I've always enjoy New Age music. I find it soothing, relaxing and in my opinion it makes the soul rich and pure, by remarking the inner values of human thought and heart.

The first CD I got from you was Collection. I must say I was astonished as I heard it. Just as the songs went on I thought to myself that it was one of the best investments I've made. That approach to your music made me start looking for more of your music, which can result in a very frustrating task, here in Venezuela. It's a shame that this kind of music doesn't have the weight of the majority's taste. Therefore, it's really hard to find. However, last week God smiled at me and as I was touring in a CD store nearby my house, I found that wonderful masterpiece White Owl. The one with the bonus DVD. I must say, I bought the CD without hesitation. I thought it was a little expensive (50,000.00 VEB) because I didn't know about the DVD. As far as I knew, I was just buying the CD. Imagine my surprise when I got home I discovered that it was more than that. In a week I've seen it three times because I've showed it to three different people in my pursue of sharing celestial music with my people. So far, all of the people that have hear you through me, have simply loved you and became big fans. Who can blame them?

I wish for health, inspiration and good will for you and all of your people in order to keep on delighting us with your art - Gustavo

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You are the best musicians that I have ever heard. You are the person who inspires me the most right now. I play the clarinet (marching band), bass clarinet (concert band), baritone saxophone (jazz band), and I have been trying to teach myself how to play the piano. I started trying to teach myself since 3rd grade, now I'm in 9th grade. I was about to give up, but then I rented your CD from my mom's library and you inspired me to keep going.

That is so cool that you and your husband get to travel all over and play music for people. Do you guys love to travel a lot, or would you rather just stay at home? I love your music. If Iím upset, it calms me, if Iím happy it makes me even happier. I am always going to continue playing my instruments. When I grow up I either want to be a vet or a band teacher, but Iím never going to stop playing. I think hearing your music made me want to continue.

Do you ever play for people here in Michigan? Did you actually live in Japan? Iíve only talked to one person, who is one of my best friends, that speaks Japanese and used to live in Japan. I have always wanted to go there, but my parents won't let me on an airplane. They don't want anything happening to me. But I and my friend Chika are going to go to Japan after my senior year of high school during summer break. I have seen pictures of Japan, itís beautiful.

P.S. when I heard the song "Steps of Maya" I memorized the notes I hear, and tried learning it on my piano. It took me two days to figure out how to play it exactly how it sounded on the CD.

Thanx for the inspiration - Sincerely (one of your biggest fans) Becky

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Kazu and Keiko,

I just wanted to let you know that I heard Melissa practicing "Precious Time" during her lunch hour. It almost brought tears to my eyes as I stepped into the music room and saw the smile on her face.

You can't imagine what a wonderful gift you have given to not only this young lady but to me as well.

Thanks again - Gerald

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Hello, Keiko and Kazu,

Thank you very, very much for making such wonderful music. I am a 14 year old girl and my family and I always come to your concerts here in Las Vegas! They are fun. I am the one who draws pictures for Keiko when I come - this year I might be in a kimono, so look out for me!

I have been playing piano since I was 7. My father teaches me occasionally, and his favorite songs of yours are the jazzy ones like "White Gate". I learned from books but most of the time, by ear. Your music is my favorite to play!! The first song that I heard of yours was the first one I played, "Kappa". When I play it at the local open microphone event (where anyone can come play) it is a favorite. The songs of  yours than I can play fully are "Precious Time", "White Owl", "Forever, Forever" and "Full Moon and the Shrine". I am working on "Light Above the Trees", but I am hearing it from the White Owl album, and so trying to play you and Michael Ghegan all at the same time! It is a very beautiful song and when I hear it, I think of being up in the mountains where it is very peaceful - just pine trees and a nice, clean breeze.

I have written a lot! Please excuse me, teenagers are talkative (ha-ha)! Anyway please keep up the good work!

Respectfully - Michelle

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I have loved your music ever since my friend let me listen to "Sapphire" and "Dream Walk" ! I love your work and what you do - the music you perform is beautiful. I have never played the piano, but it has interested me a lot more.

My school was doing a dress-up week. The first day for that week was an occupation or famous person and I went as you! Your art is beautiful and I will always listen to it. I wish you luck with your future tours to other countries.

God Bless - Alisha

(Feb 23) Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of my costume, and as much as I can describe it is I looked like I was from Japan.

You must love traveling, the places you visit must be breath-taking. I am only in high school, so I can't travel far yet, but I hope to soon. And maybe one day we will meet up!

Your music is like the places you visit, each time I go to your music I get really into it! I love it! It makes me think, concentrate, or just disappear and makes my mind wander off, pretending I'm somewhere else. I love to write stories and books and I always have your music on hand to listen to. It makes me think of new, wondrous ideas! What makes you think of ideas for writing the music or thinking of a name for a piece? I would also like to know how you thought up of "Precious Time". It's one of my favorite songs of yours. After my friend got me into your music I started searching more of it and I found a small piece entitled "Precious Time". I listened to it over and over again. I finally got the CD. Of course I had to watch the DVD you had with the CD, and I loved "Mystic Dance"! Now the next Keiko CD I need to add to my collection is "Deep Blue"

Hope all other travels are safe. God Bless - Alisha

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Dear Keiko (and Kazu!),

I was one of the 900 or so people who attended your performance on 24th Feb at the Madinat Jumeirah Theatre in Dubai. I cannot express just how changed I am after what we heard from that evening's performance. Your music is so much more than inspiring, it's so much more than soulful, it's so much more than moving. Your music is almost transcendental and I'm taken to another place in my mind when I'm reminded of the concert. I purchased your album White Owl and have religiously been listening to it everyday.

Thank you ever so much for bringing to life your music - Kunal

P.S. Your band rocks!

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Bonjour Mademoiselle Keiko,

I've just discovered your music through Internet radio. Wow, it is great, smooth and so delicate! I just ran up on Amazon to buy a CD from you. Please continue to enchant us. I make discovering forward your performances to French public.

Thank you. Merci vous - Michel (FRANCE)

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Dear Keiko and Kazu Matsui Sama,

I got your new album Walls of Akendora yesterday, and really enjoyed it. I would have to say that I liked Track 5 -- Akendora's Clock the best, because of the organ type sounds in that track reminded me of a Clock Tower.

I also thought it was great that the DVD with 10 songs that are live performances was a great addition to it. Two discs for 17 dollars. I mean, you can't beat a great deal like that. I watched The Wind and The Wolf track, after listening to the main CD. I also liked the thanks that you gave to Mother Nature. Gaia, and the Wolves gave me lots of things in life that I would never, ever give up. She gave you and you family lots of gifts.

I look forward to seeing your performance at the Broadmoore in Colorado Springs. Actually, I think it is really cool that it coincides with the release of your album. Though, I don't believe in coincidences, even though they happen everyday. Everything happens for a reason.

Thanks for the good times that your music gives me - Mike

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Dear Keiko,

Hi there Keiko Matsui, I just want you to know what a fabulous new album you have and I have to rank it at a million out of five stars. It is super fabulous what you do in the world of music and especially jazz and you deserve every award possible and also to be in the Hall of Fame. You will have to tell me more about Akendora and is that a tradition in the Orient? I hope you come to Orlando on a tour and please keep in touch.


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Hi Kazu and Keiko,

I just purchased Walls of Akendora. I came back to my office to work on my sermon for Sunday and I wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying it very much. My wife and I had the opportunity to hear you last year in Birmingham MI. Both of you did a wonderful job. I generally do a 10 mile run on Sat. and once a month I usually take a CD of Keiko to listen to.

I also enjoy the work Kazu does on movie soundtracks. As mentioned earlier I listen to jazz while writing Sermon. The improvising inspires my mind to be creative as I try to feed the flock.

Best Wishes - Pastor M

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My name is Tai, and I wanted to express great appreciation and gratitude for your recent CD, Walls of Akendora. The music is wonderful, eclectic, energizing and relaxing as one. It is wonderful to listen to you both in collaboration musically on the CD as well. It is a special treat. As always, you inspire me musically and personally.

All the best to you, Keiko and Kazu and family -Tai.

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Hello Keiko and Kazu,

Just would like to thank you and your musicians for excellent performance in Moscow of yesterday! Till yesterday I was quite away from Keiko's music and did not know your creative material. In general I prefer hard rock and heavy metal music but now I will try to fill my gap in such kind of music.

Thanks again! Hope to see you in Moscow again!

With warmest regards - Pavel and Yulia

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Hi Keiko and Kazu,

It's becoming an early spring tradition, pickup up your new CD on its release date. Accordingly, I am continually impressed how prolific your recording is. Typically, artists take years between CDs, complain about creative blocks, do crazy things to get inspiration, and end up putting out a CD with maybe 2-3 good songs. And one of those songs usually sounds like a previous hit.

Somehow you are able to naturally tap into the flow of life. There's no filler on your CDs. Every song has pleasing textures, richness and meaningful purpose to it. I very much appreciate that you allow interruption, space and variation to happen in natural ways. I think I briefly hear a computer modem sound in the early part of "Walking Through It." Generally, even music you love can become wearing on your brain, but your compositions always stay fresh. It's that attention to detail where you shine so bright.

I practice yoga and during challenging classes we are told to keep a phrase in our heads to keep focus when things get real challenging. I loved "Facing Up" and after tonight I think "Walking Through It" will also work well.

I attended your concert at Sculler's last year, and it seemed you and the band were having a total blast. And those relaxed, happy feelings carried out to the audience. I look forward to seeing and hearing you in June.

Best of luck with the new CD and hope all else goes well - Ron

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Hi Keiko!

Itís a letter from your fan in Russia. Maybe you remember me - I was asking you to make the autograph on my t-shirt =). Your concert was really great. Your music is so beautiful. I regret that never hear you before. Your songs wake something deep in our hearts and itís really cool. I believe that youíll soon return to Russia. Iíll wait for this as long as I can. I think that everyone who was on that concert is waiting for your returning. I think that next time youíll come to Russia your success will be even greater than first time, because many of those was on the concert are telling their friend about it , so it will be much more spectators on your next concert.

Iím asking God to give you good luck in my praying, because you are the one of the best people I know!!!

Your fan - Jane

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Kazu, Keiko,

My wife and I were just recently introduced to your music through a friend and our first opportunity to see you in concert was in Greeley, Colorado in April. We feel very fortunate to have been able to see your performance in such small venue. More intimate in terms of absorbing the music.

I just wanted to convey my thanks for opening my eyes to a music style that not only intrigues technically but also invokes an emotional response in me that is amazing. It is very refreshing to have finally discovered your music. I find it to be subtle, ethereal, dynamic and multilayered.

I definitely look forward to the next opportunity to see you live, but in the meantime I will enjoy exploring all of your albums up to and including "Walls of Akendora". Are there any plans for publishing you sheet music?

Again, thanks for a wonderful experience. I look forward to following your career.


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Thank you for your beautiful music and humanitarian causes. I have been a fan ever since I heard "Deep Blue" on one of the Elevation albums and have since purchased most of your releases. I just purchased your "Walls of Akendora" album recently to add my Keiko Matsui collection and watched the DVD of your tours clips included with the new album. You are obviously a very nice and very giving person. The additional DVD included was a very nice surprise and the tours clip section did you great justice in showing that you are a real person.

Please consider performing in the Philadelphia, PA, USA sometime soon.

The best to you, Kazu and family - Jim

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Dear Keiko,

I am a great fan of your music, from a long time ago. Your music has been with me since the first time I saw a special of your music in a channel of television called People and Arts. Now your music represents a very special part of my life, and I am telling everyone about you. Please continue with your music, hoping that someday you will play in my country, Guatemala.

You are the greatest. Thanks again from a loving fan - Estuardo

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Dear Keiko & Kazu,

What a gift you both are to our world. Your music takes me to a different place each time I listen. Before my husband passed away in 2002 we attended one of your concerts, I will never forget it, it moved me so. I will always have wonderful memories of your performances and listen to your music all the time. So glad you are enjoying playing around the world, maybe with your delightful interpretation of the music you can help to bring about a more peaceful world. Music is a universal language and we all appreciate the sacrifices you both are making to bring it to our ears. It must be so difficult to be away from your daughters and family. Thank you so very much for the updates and I will be going to the store tomorrow to get your new CD.

Sincerely - Renee

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Hi Keiko and Kazu,

Thank you for your letter you just sent, I'm so glad I signed up on your Newsletter Mail List. I really thank you for telling me about the new release of Walls of Akendora. It's splendid! The music is fantastic. I have listened to it several times after only owning it for 2 days. Then tonight I noticed the other disc. I then remembered you mentioning the DVD in the letter. I ran to the TV and DVD player. Oh boy was the DVD a treat. I'm going to spend hours watching it again and again and again. Wow, it's awesome! Thanks so much, your music is a blessing to hear.


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Hi guys,

My soon to be wife & I will be getting married on Saturday and will be using your song, "Forever, Forever" in our wedding. I was just wondering if you can tell us again the origin of the song. I remember that it was written for your daughter & we want to share the story. Thank you for so many years of great music. We live near Tampa, FL & have seen your performance every time that you have been in the area.

Peace and God Bless - Jim & Beckey

Dear Jim & Beckey

Thank you for having our music as part of your ceremony. One day, when Mako (our younger daughter) was 2 years old, she said to Keiko. "I love you, mom, forever, forever". Keiko was amazed that 2 year old knows the word, "Forever", which is so deep and mysterious. When did she learn the word? When did she find out the meaning of it? Then she composed the tune "Forever Forever".

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I am a heavy metal and rock/fusion guitarist in Texas. I have also been listening to Smooth Jazz for several years. I heard Keiko's music for the first time on the Smooth Jazz radio station in Dallas, TX.

I am writing simply to say THANK YOU..!..for sharing the wonderful gift of your music with all of the world. Your music is peace and joy to my heart. I listen...and I weep...smiling...laughing.

On my solo website is a song called 'The Ocean Between Us' that I will always annouce at live shows as being "inspired by the music of Keiko Matsui." It doesn't sound like jazz...or even like your music...but it is what this rock guitarist can do to honor your influence.

Thank you again - Matt

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Wow, your life is amazing. Just this week, I bought Walls of Akendora. It is astounding! You are so talented. Out of all the songs on the album, my total favorite is Gentle Sands. But all the songs on the album are amazing. I also play the piano. I also play the saxophone. I'm the top saxophone in my school band. You are my inspiration as a successful artist. I also want to know where I can get the sheet music for all the songs on the White Owl and Walls of Akendora albums. I hope life is treating you well!

Sincerely your #1 fan - Mitchell

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Dear Keiko,

Thank you very much for your concert in Moscow! I've enjoyed it very much!!! It was really great! Your delicate sense of music is simply delightful! I never thought that I can meet Japanese composer with "Russian Soul"!

The sound was excellent! Your music compositions are full of deep feelings and emotions! In every composition I felt your great talent of composer and the highest professional level of pianist and of course, the power of your feelings- the feelings of love ... The musicians of your small orchestra played all concert with good mood enjoying themselves, bright, emotional and very professional! Your orchestra played all program as one musician. Special thanks to your husband and producer, Mr. Kazu Matsui! I have seen not only talented musician and producer, I saw the harmony between you - the harmony of love!

I hope to see you again in Moscow soon in future. Thank you very much. God Bless You.

Sincerely Yours - Vitaly Kashintsev

P.S. I have a small present for you: I invite you to see my site: It's free of charge. There you can see the Love of God and feel what is the "Russian Soul"

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Hello Keiko and Kazu,

I attended your concert at One World, Austin in April. It was a thrilling night for me to hear and see you perform live. After the show I purchased six copies of ''Walls of Akendora'' as presents for some of my close friends. Your autograph on each one made the gifts all the more special. Thanks!

Each evening on arriving home from work, I listen to one of your albums, though I must confess, I've been stuck on ''Walls of Akendora'' for some weeks now. It's great!

Best wishes to you and your family - Patrick

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Dear Keiko Matsui,

I recently bought two of your CDs for one of my dad's friends, who has been battling cancer for awhile now. She had been listening to your music everyday for the last month. Three days ago she went in for a check up and discovered that the cancer is no longer spreading! She has not done anything different in her lifestyle, the only new thing she has done was listen to your CDs 24 hours a day. Even the doctors said that if it hadn't have been for your music, she would no longer be with us! Thank you so much! Your music has given us back our friend!

Sincerely, Bregeeta (Age 16)

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Thank you for visiting Minneapolis this year!  Bryan and I have truly enjoyed your concert at The Dakota. We sat close to Steve Reid and it was great because he brought your music to a different height of enjoyment.

When you played "Kappa", it touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes, not because I was sad, it's because it made me realize how much I have missed your music and seeing you perform.  When you play "Kappa" it grounds me back to Earth - it's has a spiritual signficance to me.  The "live" performance of Kappa is always captivating!

Your new CD is awesome! Thank you Kazu - for signing it too!  "Canvas" is energetic just like "Bonfire in the Piano" - it makes me feel young! "Crystal Shadow" inspires me just like "Toward the Sunrise"... it's difficult to put into words the feelings your music awakens in my heart! All I can say is "Thank you, Keiko" for bringing your "unique" music to this world! - Maria

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