Keiko Matsui Photo Gallery

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Newsweek Cover
k143.jpg Newsweek Japan cover with Keiko
Barbados Jazz Festival
k142.jpg Stanley Clarke with Keiko
k141.jpg Sergio Mendes with Keiko
k140.jpg Chuck Mangione with Keiko
k139.jpg Bob James with Keiko
k137.jpg BET Interview
Backstage at John McLaughlin's Remember Shakti Tokyo concert
k136.jpg Yumi Kudo (BEST jazz journalist), John, Keiko and Kazu
k135.jpg John McLaughlin and Keiko
Computer background wallpaper
kw1.jpg Size 942 x 652 x 24
2004 Tokyo Metropolitan concert
Yoshi's concert photos - Thank you to Vlad, who took photos at our March '04 Yoshi's concert, and posted them in a nice web gallery
Carl Anderson photos
k129.jpg Carl and his son Khalil
k128.jpg Carl at the helm
k127.jpg Carl Kazu on the boat
k126.jpg Carl, Keiko, Kazu, Taliya
k125.jpg Carl, Kazu, GeorgeBenson
k124.jpg Backstage with Carl
k123.jpg Carl and Keiko Backstage
k122.jpg at "At My Place"
k121.jpg Carl and Keiko, First session
Keiko in Morocco
2001 Smooth Jazz Oasis Awards
k117.jpg Collage
2001 Four Hands Concert Photos
k116.jpg Four Hands Piano
k115.jpg Four Hands Piano
k114.jpg Kazu at the PA board
k113.jpg Four hands Piano
k112.jpg with Al Jarreau
k111.jpg with Shogun Bob James
2000 Concert Photos
k110.jpg BET concert taping
k109.jpg JVC Jazz Festival (Concord)
k108.jpg JVC Jazz Festval (Hollywood Bowl)
k107.jpg Keiko & Kazu with Keiko (Siberian Husky) in Detroit
DirecTV J Channel Interview
Winter 2000
For Japanese, cherry blossom is very special. We went to see them. They last only a few days. For us, cherry blossom means new school year, new friends, new teachers.
k104.jpg Keiko, Maya and Mako
k103.jpg Matsui family
k102.jpg Maya at pre-school dance recital
k101.jpg Skiing
k100.jpg Snow sledding

k099.jpg 1999 Oasis Award!

More Keiko with Bob James and David Benoit from Nov 99 in Tokyo (pictures at

With Bob James in New York
We had recording session with legendary keyboard player Bob James at his studio. This was for Keiko's upcoming album "Whisper from the Mirror". The piece was very unique four-hand, one-piano piece. Bob and Keiko had an interview with CD 101.9, after the recording, and they played the tune together on-the-air at the radio station. NY recording in the winter was nice. We had made so many albums in Los Angeles before, but NY in the winter is something to be considered in future. Bob has very nice studio, which has great view of Hudson River. We recorded piano on the all other tunes at Bob's place.
k098.jpg Keiko and Bob outdoors in NYC
k097.jpg Interview at CD 101.9
k096.jpg Keiko and Bob James playing four-hand piano at Bob's studio

Feb 00 Washington D.C. Concert
Our annual concert with U.S .Air Force Orchestra was held at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. on Feb.13th. The place was full again. More than 3000 people lined up around the hall before the concert started. We also had annual reception at Japanese Embassy after the concert.
k095.jpg Meeting the Japanese Ambassador
k094.jpg Keiko on big screen TV
k093.jpg Kazu on big screen TV

k092.jpg Concert
Smooth Jazz Cruise 1999
k091.jpg With Mr. & Mrs. Reily
k090.jpg Keiko with Jamaican musicians
k089.jpg Keiko with new fan (picture taken by Steve Snyder)
k088.jpg Waiters singing at dinner
k087.jpg Our ship, S.S. Norway
k086.jpg Jamaica - No problem rafting
k085.jpg Jamaica - before the rafting
k084.jpg Formal dinner
k083.jpg At the party
k082.jpg Collage from Ventura concert
k081.jpg Keiko in Ventura
Summer 1999 Family Pictures
k080.jpg Tanabata and seashore trip
k079.jpg Swimming pool
k078.jpg Keiko, Maya & Mako
k077.jpg Keiko, Maya & Mako
Keiko with Bob James at a recording session for his new project (pictures at
Kazu in Poland for Maurice Jarre's concert
k076.jpg Kazu with orchestra members
k075.jpg Kazu and Maurice Jarre
k074.jpg Kazu with Poland National Radio & Television Orchestra
1998 Fall Family Pictures
k073.jpg Proud sisters after the ceremony.
Maya wanted to do it again. But she is already 10 years old.
k072.jpg We went to the shrine for Mako's Shichigosan (Seven, Five, Three) rituals.
Seven year old girls, and five year old boys, and three year old girls receive blessing for their health. After the ceremony, Mako gets special candies which is in that long bag.
k071.jpg It was too easy to dig potatoes.
So we tried Radish, too. Matsui girls and Maya's best friend Yuiko, and the typical nice old Japanese farmer who gave us instructions to dig things. Keiko dug spinach after this, for cooking of that night.
k070.jpg Girls digging sweet potatoes. Kazu was taking pictures.
k069.jpg We went to dig sweet potatoes. This was Mako's first Potato day.
More details in our Nov 98 newsletter
1998 Fall Tour Pictures
k068.jpg Our Big Blue tour bus.
The bus driver was Andrea, who looks like Pippi Longstockings. The guy who is working in front of the bus is Dan, our lighting guy.
k067.jpg With Mr. and Mrs. Kitaro.
Kitaro lives in Boulder, Colorado. They came to see our concert. We know each other, since we use same studio in North Hollywood.
k066.jpg Keiko and the singer Randy Crawford.
We did concert with Randy and Rick Braun in NY. They put great show. Our show was great, too. Randy said she has been a fan of Keiko for a long time. Maybe we should do an album with her.
k065.jpg Sports Day for Maya
k064.jpg Billboard collage
k063.jpg Grave and Fish
k062.jpg Maya and Mako
k061.jpg Pictures from Thailandvacation
k060.jpg Pictures from Thailandvacation
More details in our Jan 98 newsletter
"Mask of Zorro" recording in London (Kazu)
k059.jpg My office
The signatures are by composer James Horner and Actor Anthony Hopkins. It was little bit scary to ask Mr. Hopkins' autograph, due to the image from the movie "Silence of the Lambs". But I got it.
k058.jpg Air Studio owned by George Martin
This is converted from a church. The photo was taken from the upstairs balcony where I sleep when I am not on the chart. "007" posters are for the adjustment of the echo, I think. In London, most orchestrated scores have been recorded here and Abbey Road.
k057.jpg Dean Parks (right) and Ian Underwood (left)
Old friends. Two legendary musicians from L.A. Dean plays guitar (Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, etc.). Ian was the first keyboardist for Frank Zappa (also "Dude" by Q. Jones etc.). All three of us have two daughters each (currently). So we bought two stuffed hedgehogs at Strathford (each)
k056.jpg After the session dinner party at a Greek Restaurant
Music Editor Jim Henricson has just finished "Titanic". Tony Higgins who played panpipes and bagpipes in "Mission" "Brave Heart" etc.
k055.jpg Keiko at the Breast Cancer support press conference (at Conroy's Florist)
k054.jpg Keiko at the Breast Cancer support press conference, with actor Dennis Franz (NYPD Blue)
1997 Summer Vacation!!
k053.jpg Maya's first riding lesson #2
k052.jpg Maya's first riding lesson
Her favorite movie has been Black Stallion. She did very well on Tony who is 23 years old.
k051.jpg Maya's favorite sleeping spot at the moon light sailing
k050.jpg Maya and our boat #3
k049.jpg Maya and our boat #2
k048.jpg Maya and our boat #1
Maya learning to start the engine first time. The teacher is a long time sailing friend Tim. He knows our boat better than anyone. When we got the boat 5 years ago, it came with him. He taught us so many things.
k047.jpg Bon Festival shops
Bon Festivals always attract special temporary shops. These shop keepers travel from festival to festival. Three girls are enjoying "The Fishing Balloons", very famous simple toy, which you can only buy at the festivals. Maya & Mako's matching clothes have been provided by Leigh & Nanci Breez, our American neighbors and Maya's old friends.
k046.jpg Bon Festival
Near the fisherman's village, they had the Bon Festival. When we have Bon Festival, the souls of ancestors come back. We lit special lanterns to welcome them. Young people dance around the small stage on which there is a big drum for the rhythm. Keiko's mother went to the temple and had special ceremony to welcome her late husband and father who had just passed 6 months ago.
k045.jpg Rice Field
We went to a short trip to the ocean side village. On the way there, rice fields in the mountains were so beautiful. At the beginning of the summer, greens in the water were pointing at the blue sky. Rice fields are something special for Japanese people. Not only we eat rice a lot, Samurais' salary used to be paid by rice, and feudal kings power were judged by how much they held the rice fields. So we took this summer photo in front of the green fields.
By the way, do you know TOYOTA means "Rich rice field", and HONDA means "True rice field", and MAZDA means "Pine tree rice field"? Now please drive your Rice Field carefully.
Photos 40-44 are great live concert photos taken by Mr. Peter Distefano
k044.jpg Kazu playing shakuhachi
k043.jpg Paul Taylor and Keiko
k042.jpg Keiko behind keyboards
k041.jpg Keiko with smoke
k040.jpg Keiko
k039.jpg Maya and Mako riding Don the Dragon
(More details in our Nov 96 newsletter)
k038.jpg Maya and Amanda
JACCC concert in Los Angeles was some what special one. We met a girl flying from Alaska all the way by herself, just to see Keiko's concert. Her name is Amanda and she is 13 years old. Her grandmother who came from San Francisco to meet her in LAX, brought her to the theater in downtown L.A. Amanda plays Bass Clarinet and she is the biggest Keiko fan in Alaska. We felt she was the messenger from Alaska, telling us that we are doing good job. Her smile was like a gift from the nature, and she stood there, like a spirit of the nature. (More details in the letters section)
k037.jpg Keiko with the staff at FM station WJCD in Norfolk.
k036.jpg Visiting WJCD in Norfolk. DJ Larry made stickers from our poster newsletter.
k035.jpg Keiko with Air Force Jazz Orchestra members
Photos 32-35 are from our Mar 97 gig in Washington D.C. We have played Keiko's music with U.S. Air Force Jazz Orchestra at Constitution Hall in D.C. (More details in our Mar 97 newsletter)
k034.jpg Keiko and Kazu with Air Force Jazz Orchestra members
k033.jpg Rehersal
k032.jpg Keiko with member of Air Force Jazz Orchestra, Washington, D.C.
k031.jpg Keiko, Brandy and George Duke; 1997 Essence Awards
k030.jpg Burt Bacharach, Dionne Warwick and Keiko; 1997 Essence Awards
k029.jpg 1997 Matsui Family Calendar
k028.jpg Grilled squids 1997, Keiko, Maya and Mako
k027.jpg New Year's Day 1997 Mako
k026.jpg New Year's Day 1997 Keiko, Maya and Mako
Every New year, we go to a shrine to pray for family health. Girls wear Kimonos and get a new arrow. The arrow is called evil breaking arrow. After the prayer, usually Maya buys a cotton candy for herself and a small toy for her baby sister, using her own savings. We eat grilled squids, I do not know why, and go to visit some relatives.
k025.jpg The sisters in Kimono on the new year's day
Mako (Mah-ko) is one year old. She has been raised by Keiko, Keiko's mother, Kazu and her big sister Maya. We are all well and received 1997.
k024.jpg Keiko, Maya, Hugh Masakela, Gerald Albright and Chaka Khan
(A Night on the Town Tour)
k023.jpg Keiko and Jay Leno after her Tonight Show appearance
k022.jpg Kazu and George Lucas in London (Willow)
k021.jpg Keiko in front of Tower Records Hollywood (Doll)
k020.jpg Happy New Year 1997 to our friends
k019.jpg Maya's drawing
Maya's drawing made the school calendar of 1997!!! So we bought 30 of them and sent to friends. (More details in out Mar 97 newsletter)
k018.jpg Maya taking calligraphy lesson
When she was small, Keiko was taking Calligraphy lessons every week. Her teacher lived far in the hills, and she walked to her teacher's place after school. She loved it, so she stayed there for hours, using many sheets of paper. Now Maya goes to her lessons with her grandmother (Keiko's mom). Keiko's mother is already a very good Calligrapher, but she likes taking lessons again. (Maya is writing the word "Mt. Fuji".)
k017.jpg Unused glamour photo from Dream Walk
k016.jpg Back photo from Dream Walk
k015.jpg Family photo, Kazu, Keiko, Maya and Mako
k014.jpg Family photo, Keiko, Maya and Mako
k013.jpg Family photo, Kazu, Keiko, Maya and Mako
k012.jpg Band and tour members
k011.jpg Yamaha publicity photo
k010.jpg Unused publicity photo
k009.jpg Unused photo from Sapphire
k008.jpg Huntington Beach headshot, mid 80's
k007.jpg Unused glamour photo
k006.jpg Huntington Beach, mid 80's
k005.jpg Unused photo from Dream Walk
k004.jpg Publicity photo
k003.jpg Unused photo from Sapphire
k002.jpg Front photo from Sapphire
k001.jpg Back photo from Sapphire

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